Getting A SEO Audit Has Never Been So Easy - Try Our Free SEO Site Evaluator

If you didn’t know anything about SEO Audits, then listen up! Website owners should know where their sites are ranking in search engines like Google. A higher SEO Score will bring in the much needed traffic your business needs online. Try Digital Search Group’s free SEO Audit tools and find out whether there’s much to be done with your website. Paste your URL and keyword or phrases on the portal and click Scan Now.

If the results are not to your liking, then maybe you should do a little tweaking on your own. Here’s a checklist of what you can do on your own. Get the following factors fixed on your website and then check with our SEO Site Evaluator again.

Check the following factors

1 - Speed

It’s one of the most important SEO factors that Google looks at. Slow loading pages clearly are turn-offs for your visitors. Don’t annoy them with a slow page speed.

2 - Title Tag

Title Tags give the visitors a short but accurate description of what’s expected to be in the website. Give it a really good and direct to the point title tag.

3 - Description Tag

Even though it doesn’t really help with your ranking, it still can give a little push with your website which search engines look for. If visitors want to know what to expect, then the description tag should be able to provide it.

4 - Heading Tag

The Heading Tags are there to give your visitors that 3-second instance to get them to stay on the page and read on because your heading tells them that what they’re looking for is actually in that page.

5 - Social Presence

Social media is here and it’s here to stay! It hasn’t even reached its peak yet. So why not get on the bandwagon and have a social media presence (Social Sharing Buttons) to be seen and heard in all the right places.

Ready to Evaluate Again

And so you’ve tweaked your website with our guidelines. Give it another try with the SEO site evaluator and find out your new score! But if you want a thorough SEO Audit for your website with your particular keywords, call Digital Search Group by clicking on