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If you have been tearing your hair out due to a ranking and traffic drop, give our SEO audit services a chance. If you are trying (and failing) to take care of your website yourself and nothing seems to be going right, professional assistance using our technical SEO audit service will help turn things around. It is never a hopeless case and getting back on track is always doable. Digital Search Group Australia offers a full technical website SEO audit to discover the issues plaguing your website and offer recommendations to take care of every detail necessary.

Google Panda was launched on February 23, 2011 and since then, websites have been asking the 5 Ws: What, When, Where, Why and How about their lost traffic. We can help you pinpoint the answers to these questions affecting your website, but most importantly, we will assist you in reacquiring your valuable rankings and traffic.

Our SEO Audit Service Covers:



  • Content Quality: Does your content stand out? Is it unique and well-written? Is it relevant and compelling? Is it grammatically correct? No typos and misspelled words?
  • Depth of Content: Does your content give depth and substance to your customers? Will they be able to see any value in it?
  • Content Optimisation: Is your content thin? Is it indexable in Google? Do you have internal/external links? Do you have any images in your content?
  • Words Considered by Google: Do you use the Content Keywords tool in Google Webmaster Tools?
  • User Engagement: Do you have a low user-engagement? Is your bounce rate too low?
  • Content Freshness: Do you use a blog in your website? Is it updated? Are there any comments and shares via social media? Did anybody like your website in social media?
  • Page Layout:  Can people see your content above the fold? Do you have too many ads above the fold? (Google AdSense or ClickBank ads?)


  • Keyword Stuffing: Does your content have meta keyword tags, keywords/phrases? Does it have too many footer links? Are there anchor texts pointing to the same pages?
  • Hidden Text and Links: Did you do an audit to check that there are no hidden text and links?
  • Page Title Optimisation: Do you have a page title? Are you page titles duplicated? Are the page titles too short or too long? Is the page title relevant to the page content?
  • Meta Description Optimisation: Do you have meta descriptions for your webpages? Are they duplicated? Are they too short or too long? And are they relevant to the web pages’ content?
  • Headlines Optimisation: Is there an H1 tag in each of your webpages? Are there more than 1 H1 tags? How does the headline structure of the other web pages look like? Are there H2′s, etc.?


  • Crawl Errors: Has there been dips in these? 4XX & 5XX errors, Robots.txt, Robots meta tag, XML Sitemap, HTML sitemap, crawl. Are query parameters being indexed?
  • Piracy: Has your content been reported as copied or plagiarised?
  • Cloaking: Has your website been checked for cloaking pages?
  • Duplicate Content: Has any of these duplicate content issues been checked? Duplicate content (using tools like Copyscape), Print URLs, Uppercase/Lowercase versions of your URLs, & and other versions, trailing and non-trailing slash URL versions, Google Duplicate Content warning.
  • Unwanted Indexed Pages: Does your website have unwanted indexed pages using site:command, product page headlines, conversion pages, thank you pages, login pages and cart pages? Have these been checked?
  • Breadcrumb Trail & Logical URL Structure: Is there a breadcrumb trail on every page of your website? Are all pages useful? (NoIndex or block pages that aren’t useful via Robots.txt)
  • PageSpeed: What is your website’s speed in its desktop and mobile versions? (Use Google’s PageSpeed checker tool.)


  • Links Quality Factors: Have these factors been checked: Trust/Citation Flow, Link Health & Run Link Research Tools (LRT).
  • Number of Backlinks: Have you done a full backlink profile with variety of tools.
  • Site Authority: Have you checked your website’s domain/page authority against your top competitors?
  • Anchor Text: What are you top anchor texts?
  • Google Authorship: Is your website using Google Author Profile, Google+ page & Google Local.


  • Domain Registration: What is your DNS information?
  • Domain Age: How old is your domain?


  • Social Media Presence: Is your website visible in social media sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest? Are these accounts visible on your website? Are they connected correctly with the correct information?
  • Social Media Sharing Buttons: Does your website have social media sharing buttons?


  • Malware Check: Is your website hosting any Malware? (Using Google’s ‘Safe Browsing’ diagnostic checker tool)
  • Organic Search Traffic: Was the website affected historically by any of the Google algorithm updates?
  • Country Targeting Traffic Audit: Did you check the top county traffic in Google Analytics? (This could help identify further markets  )
  • Locality Traffic Check: Did you check top traffic referring cities to identify potential traffic-driving opportunities?

To find out more about how our SEO audit services can help you pinpoint your problem areas, contact us for a free SEO audit (complementary with any SEO proposal) and we’ll be happy to help guide your business in the right direction.


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