Google says “No More Pay Per Click” to Payday Loan Companies

The short term finance and payday loan market found out today that their money is no longer good enough to buy them access to Google AdWords. In a brutal blog post from David Graff,who is the Director of Global Product Policy, in which he likened the industry to counterfeiting and phishing he announced “we’re banning ads for payday loans and some related products”.Google says Hello payday loan company, we don't want your money any more!

Gradually implemented…. NOT!

This unprecedented action is scheduled to begin on the 13th of July and will mean that many companies that have had a long term strategy of using AdWords to drive traffic to their websites will be left in limbo. The investment that they have made, most of which has been directly funneled into Google’s coffers, has meant many businesses now have a large reliance on website traffic as a source of potential customers.

So What Now? SEO for Payday Loans? TV Advertising for Payday Loans?

After the changes many companies will be looking at alternative strategies that will allow them to continue to drive traffic and customers to their website. The short, two month time frame makes finding and implementing a strategy that is not disruptive and can be implemented in time the highest priority.

Reuse your investment and explore using high quality SEO Services

  • Moving to other paid advertising alternatives
  • Trying to tame Social Media and bring customers to the website
  • Using television advertising and featuring the web address heavily
  • Enhancing the organic rankings by using Quality SEO to drive traffic

While these are all ways forward, if a business hasn’t had experience and success in the strategy they choose it can be very risky to leap in and rely on the results. The easiest alternative that offers the lowest risk is building up a sites organic rankings by ensuring the site is putting its best foot forward when Google and other search engines review it and by using high quality low risk techniques to build visibility.

The most important business priority is to move quickly. AdWords is no longer the way forward so ensuring that a decision is made and a plan is in place is the best way forward.