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Content Marketing Tips

Get your Brand out with these Content Marketing Tips

Getting your brand out there can be fairly challenging, and there is never really a point where you can comfortably sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labours. No, it is a constant process that requires consistent attention and increasingly creative approaches to content marketing. If you go about…
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How To Increase Revenue This Year

2016 SEO Predictions: How To Increase Online Revenue This Year

  2015 marked a series of significant changes in search engine marketing, setting into motion a move from what many analysts referred to as 'creating content for content's sake'. This year that has all changed, as there is much more competition these days to be not only keyword focused --but…
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3 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for this 2016

Another year has come and gone, and 2016 will be here very soon. The internet has radically altered the way people share information and digital marketing is consistently undergoing changes. Digital marketing evolves very quickly. As marketers, we face with new platforms, technologies, and tools to deal with, each year.…
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Google local seo

A year has passed since Google Pigeon rolled out, what does that mean for SEO in Australia?

It’s been nearly a year since the so called Google Pigeon update was released in Australia and the UK. The update caused quite a few ripples in the water when it was first released in the US in July 2014, and the ripples grew wider still when the update rolled…
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Pointing All Links to the Homepage

5 Mistakes SEO Experts Are Still Making Until Today

Nobody denies that SEO is a complex field. You’ve got thousands of rules to stick to, and you have to always stay up-to-date with Google’s algorithm updates — which are many, quite frequent, and tend to require a complete redesign of your current SEO strategy. It makes sense that fresh-faced…
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black hat seo

Stop Using These Top 7 Black Hat Techniques Before You Get Penalised

For most marketers, black hat SEO is a dirty world, and understandably so. Shady, unethical SEOs are everywhere, trying to manipulate their search engine ranking by using underhanded practices. Some do black hat SEO purposely by implementing techniques such as keyword stuffing, link schemes, hiding keywords within pages, posting duplicate…
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Links from blogs and other sites

The Do’s and Don’ts of Link Building

Due to Google’s regular algorithm updates, you have to be careful when building links as unnatural links can get your website penalized – which is much more complicated to do than link building. Knowing that, you might feel pressured in finding ideal links for a website. This makes it hard…
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List down the things you want to accomplish

How to Create Marketing Strategies that are Aligned with your Company’s Goals

Every company has to devise a strategy on how to successfully market their products and services to customers. Having a great marketing strategy is essential to the success of every company as it helps them target the right people and encourage them to buy their products and services, and in…
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