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Did You or Your Clients Lose Rankings Following Google's Recent Updates?

Digital Search Australia is an SEO agency that was established in 2010. We have been successfully servicing Australian businesses SEO needs since 2012 and during this time there have been many updates to Google’s algorithm. We have the technical expertise and know-how to ensure our clients overcome and thrive during these updates.

Why Trust Us As Your SEO Referral Partner

During our time working in the Australian market place, it has come to our attention that many Australian SEO services companies (from the smallest agencies to the highest end in the market) are still using highly risky and spammy techniques including (but not limited to):

  • In-House Link Networks (owned internally & usually link to their clients & their own websites)
  • Highly Risky Blog Networks (Google has been killing these since April 2012)
  • Low-End Web Directories (crushed by Google as they add zero value to the web)
  • Low-End Social Bookmarking Tactics (once again, crushed by Google a long time back)
  • Blog Commenting (via low-end & free for all sites)
  • Article Submission (with spun content that Google hates)
  • Plagiarised Content (zero value for Googlebot to crawl thus penalised by Google Panda)
  • Poor On-Page Technical Updates (meaning the very foundations are left out from the get go)
  • The list goes on…..

Below is an Example of Visibility Lost Due To The Use of These Techniques:


The above website was previously ranking for keywords that receive over 5,000 searches per month in and, as seen in the above graph, the drop in visibility directly correlates with the Google Penguin 2.0 (#4) update.

If You Or Your Clients Were Affected Would You Want To Know Why?

Free SEO Consultation Worth $350 AUD

As SEO and online marketing is plagued with many so called “specialists” (SEO cowboys to coin a phrase) it can be a dangerous minefield trying to find a trustworthy long-term partner. With this in mind, Digital Search is willing to invest up-front to prove our technical expertise by providing a Free SEO Consultation covering the following critical items:

  • 4 Point Onsite SEO Audit
    • We will highlight 4 critical onsite technical factors that currently impact a websites ability to rank highly in Google for the websites most valuable search terms.
  • Offsite Backlink Audit
    • This backlink audit gives an indication as to how clean (or not) a websites backlink profile is and whether you may have been affected by any Google Penguin updates.
  • Competitive Profiling
    • A useful snapshot comparing a website vs. its top 3 competitor’s backlink profiles. This will allow you to understand how aggressive the competition have been and what’s potentially required to beat them.
  • Ranking Analysis
    • We will review some of the websites top keywords and provide a rankings table with keyword, ranking within, number of searches per month for each keyword and the current ranking URL.

We guarantee that (provided there are no Google Penguin penalties) a website will see a positive lift in rankings within following rectifying the 4 points in the Onsite SEO Audit along with any additional complementary recommendations we may provide.

We Want To Be Your Trusted Partner

  • 10% On-Going Referral Commission For Life

That’s right… We want to be your long-term referral partner for any SEO clients you may come across and we will pay an on-going commission of 10% for all client revenues collected.

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